Hornet A homosexual social network you to definitely claims to permit homosexual males for connecting from inside the “meaningful” means.
Hornet A homosexual social network you to definitely claims to permit homosexual males for connecting from inside the “meaningful” means.

HIV People Immunodeficiency Malware – a virus one to damages new structure in your immune system and you may weakens your ability to combat everyday infection and you can condition. Transmitted by import away from bloodstream, pre-ejaculate, semen, genital liquids, otherwise breast milk. Anal intercourse 's the large-chance intimate actions to possess HIV indication.

HIV/Supporting see Supports

Homosexual Somebody who are romantically or sexually drawn to individuals of the same gender.

Homoromantic A person who is romantically interested in anybody of one's exact same sex, not fundamentally sexually drawn.

Hunk A beneficial muscle, good looking homosexual child.

Intersectionality The concept that every of your own areas of anyone’s title (particularly gender name, sex, ethnicity, disability, and you may classification) overlap. These elements affect men’s experience with area at the same time, possibly which have rights or discrimination. Such as for example, a white working-group person may on top of that not be discriminated up against the help of its ethnicity but may deal with cons through its class.

Intersex Somebody who is born that have differences in sex functions and chromosomes, gonads, gender hormone, or pussy you to wear’t match an average “male” or “female” definitions.

Jack’d An application that identifies alone due to the fact “one particular diverse and you may real” application to possess homosexual, bisexual and you may interested men in order to connect, chat, display, and you can meet.

Kinsey Measure A hack designed in 1948 to explain intimate positioning. The shape operates regarding 0 (solely heterosexual) so you're able to 6 (entirely homosexual.)

Courtroom gender Your own gender since the viewed of the government and set toward identity records particularly passports and you may driving licences. Discover plus: Gender marker.

Lesbian A homosexual woman.

Gay and lesbian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and you may Trans.

Lgbt History Day Thirty day period remembering Lgbt anyone, record and you can society. Designated in the March in the united kingdom and you will June in the us.

LGBT+ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans, along with other identities considered to belong to it umbrella.

LGBTQIA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex and Asexual.

LGBTQIAP2 Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual and two-Soul.

Lip stick lesbian A synonym to own femme – a great lesbian people whoever looks and you may actions are seen as typically female.

Relationship (Exact same Intercourse Partners) Operate 2013 New Act away from Parliament you to legalised the marriage off same-intercourse partners in the The united kingdomt and you will Wales. What's more, it secured the law out-of sex transform of the married couples and civil people.

Relationships New legitimately or officially accepted relationship out of two different people because people within the your own relationship. In a number of countries including legitimately-recognised partnership is restricted so you're able to a guy and you will a female, regardless if someone else understand same-intercourse otherwise pansexual unions.

Masc (men) A homosexual guy that is detected otherwise perceives on their own getting “masculine”. Either used to define homosexual boys whom wear’t features observable qualities, functions, or welfare basically of homosexual guys. Find passageway.

Masc (women) A lesbian girl who's deemed to have “masculine” properties. Find butch.

Masc4Masc otherwise Masc for Masc Masc males exactly who seek other masc men to own personal or sexual relationship.

Matthew Shepard and you can James Byrd Jr. Dislike Crimes Cures Act The usa rules signed by the Chairman Barack Obama which allows the government to pursue dislike offense charges in the circumstances per sexual orientation and you may gender name, just in case there isn't any condition laws outlawing hate criminal activities

Medical transition The newest parts of a beneficial transgender person’s change that alter their body. This consists of hormones and even medical transitioning. Maybe not a necessary importance of a person to choose since trans. Pick including public transition.

Mephedrone aka Meph aka Meters-Cat aka meow-meow A synthetic treatments (4-methyl methcathinone (4-MMC) otherwise 4-methyl ephedrone) both included in chemsex.

Metrosexual A good heterosexual boy whom provides appeal typically associated with the female or gay males, including searching or styles.

Misgendering The fresh new act out-of making reference to individuals because incorrect gender, will by using the completely wrong pronouns. Exactly like deadnaming.

Mlm Acroynm for men loving boy, an enthusiastic umbrella title for males of every positioning which getting intimate or intimate interest with other guys.

Monogamy Being in a personal experience of the other people.

MSM Guys that intercourse that have people, who do not at all times identify because homosexual, homosexual otherwise bisexual.

MTF otherwise M2F Both believed offensive. An out-of-date term to have transgender people with transitioned out-of men to help you female.

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