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Like in the case of the Wabi baby sterililizer, the Upang sterilizer is versatile and can be used to sanitize many other personal items, not only baby stuff. Wabi Baby sterilizer offers the option of being used as a continuous sanitizer throughout the day. Just change the settings and it can sanitize anything that is stored inside for a period of one minute every 2 hours. This sanitizer features a countdown display and a temperature display with the option to show temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. But it was not until 1878 that specialists discovered that UV light could kill bacteria.

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  • Is there anything more cringe-inducing than when your baby’s pacifier falls on the ground?
  • The two-tiered steam rack design is for long baby bottles like the 8-ounce bottles.
  • This Philips Avent sterilizer is designed in an adjustable size to suit both wide and narrow neck bottles.
  • There are as many baby bottles & teat designs as brands out there.
  • It comes with an optional mode setting and can be controlled by a sleek touch panel, this makes the operation too easy.
  • These compartments are stackable so moms can easily customize the unit for what needs to be sanitized.

Choosing a bottle warmer and sterilizer can be a bit of a headache because there are so many products on the market that come with all kinds of attractive offers. However, you must have a permanent stance so that you are not easily tempted by-products that do not provide maximum benefits. By paying attention to the tips on how to choose bottle warmers and sterilizers above, you can determine which product is best for you. Buying bottle warmer and sterilizer products mean you also have to think about how to care for them. You are better off choosing products that are easy to clean if you want to bottle warmers and sterilizers that stay hygienic and last a long time. You can safely use a wide range of bottles (including wide-neck and/or breast-shaped ones made from glass, silicone, or plastic).

#8 New Tommee Tippee Electric Stori

The full size compartment can be used for bottles and bigger loads. Having 3 options to use newborn baby pacifier makes this the most versatile sterilizer of the bunch! It’s very easy to use, no matter which option you choose at the time. The full size can hold up to 6 bottles, including the bigger, 9 oz bottles that don’t fit in all machines. Finding time to do any chores is challenging with a new baby. In only 8 minutes your bottles are sterilized, and in just 30 minutes they are dried.

You can check out the OMORC 550W Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer here. This could be the best baby bottle sterilizer as it is not only a sterilizer but, it is also a dryer! First-time parents may not quite understand what the big deal is about having a sterilizer that also dries the bottles. Steam sterilizers, like the Wabi brand, uses heated steam to thoroughly clean and sterilize the bottle making it safe for your baby to use. Once the steaming process is over, the parent is then required to dry the bottles by hand with a “clean” towel or let the bottles air dry. Additionally, drying the bottles yourself or air drying them takes time and effort that fatigued parents simply don’t have.

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A bigger annoyance is how it doesn't fit many taller bottles, so it's primarily compatible with Tommee Tippee bottles or those of a similar shape and size. The Dr. Brown's definitely wins out over this one for mostly that last reason. Not to mention that this one is about $20 more expensive than the Dr. Brown's, coming in at about $70, which we think is excessive for not including a bottle drying feature. You can check out the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle Sterilizer here.

Why Use Baby Bottle Sterilizers?

It will deliver longlasting service, and also is very consistent. It measures 13.3 x 12.8 x 10 inches and also includes a measuring cup and tongs. It delivers good results and is very effective in eliminating bacteria, germs, contaminants, and more. The accessory handles several bottles simultaneously and will keep them sanitized for a long period. I am sure you have been in situations where your baby is super hungry and cranky and you have no sterilized bottles for use.

The Kozii claims it can defrost bags of frozen breast milk, but we don’t recommend it in the Kozii or any other warmer. When we tested this, it took about 5 minutes to fully defrost and warm a 4-ounce bag. But we found the temperature of the milk was very uneven during melting and warming; some portions of the milk reached over 120 °F while the rest remained frozen. If you’re concerned about not exposing breast milk to high temperatures, defrost it in the refrigerator or in a bowl of hot water. Despite its claims, the Kiinde Kozii can overheat formula and breast milk. Because the Kozii uses relatively cool 140 °F water—the steam warmers heat to 212 °F—the bottle will never get hotter than 140 °F.

It also has two compartments, so you can separate the accessories and bottle parts. This one comes with tongs, so you don’t burn yourself when you’re pulling out the steamed bottles. The bottle has a vented base, which helps to prevent colic by minimizing the amount of air bubbles your baby takes in. It even has a cute design and the colors match the sterilizer.